South Africa & The Democratic Republic of the Congo


South Africa

One of the girls on my team made some awesome videos for some of our weeks in South Africa that gave an awesome picture of what life looked like while living there. Some of the ministries we served we were asked not to video or take pictures. But this is just a glimpse of ministry in South Africa!

Democratic Republic of the Congo

During my time in South Africa I was able to take my first trip to the DR Congo with the vision of establishing a House of Prayer. The trip was only a week long but it was exactly what needed to happen in order for the vision to move forward! 

Divine Appointment

One of the days I was there the contact and I were walking in Goma to a prayer meeting with the other leaders of the local church in the DRC, and I asked her if there were any café's in the DRC she looked a little bewildered and answered "No, why did you ask that?" I didn't really know why I asked other than that I want to have a café that funds the prayer room. She then begins to point across the street from where we stand and says, "We just bought that building to start a café where people can express themselves!" From where we were standing EXACTLY! I am so thankful for every part of this trip and how the Holy Spirit went before me and all I did was abide in Jesus. Set your heart on the promises of God and be secure feasting on His faithfulness!

Thank you for all y'alls support as we release the sound of heaven through prayer & missions!