What we do

Within YWAM we lead a prayer room with the base in Cape Town, South Africa. We are committed to seeing people trained up in prayer and worship unto going and fulfilling the Great Commission.


40+ hours of Prayer & Worship a week

With the goal of echoing the sound of the 24/7 worship going on in heaven we have devotional worship sets every week. A devotional set is an hour worship time that is purely for ministering to the Lord by singing the bible. This model is taken from David’s Tabernacle in 2 Chron.

Strengthening the local church

We are apart of a church called Antioch and we are involved with worship and discipleship on the University campus, in townships, and all over Cape Town.

School Of Prayer

We are running a 3 month school centered around the question how can we stir up cultures of prayer and worship in every nation? There is a lecture phase and then an outreach phase going and partnering with other prayer rooms and pioneering new ones around the world.

Base Intercession

Every Tuesday morning the YWAM base does a corporate intercession set. This is where different topics are prayed for ranging from current events around the world, revival in South Africa, Unreached people groups, & ministries in South Africa.