Nepal Testimonies


Prayer Room

Our schedule looked like getting up and meeting with the other missionaries at 7 am to worship with iPod music playing. Then we would do live worship and pray for the nation of nepal (we had different topics everyday) then we would end with another hour of a live worship time. These were some of the sweetest times of worship I’ve had in awhile.

South Africa

A few months before Nepal I was told about a ministry in South Africa that I should connect with. (remember 3 years ago in Israel…) This ministry is called Sounds of the Nations and their vision is to release the sound of heaven!!! There a few other things like that point to me needing to go to South Africa as the next step in the vision of seeing a prayer room established in the DR Congo.

My Experience

In April I was right in the middle of staffing the prayer room on the campus and continuing to pioneer towards the DR Congo. An opportunity arose for me to go to Nepal with a team to help establish a prayer room. I prayed and felt like God say it would be strategic in the vision of the DR Congo. So I went on that and it was an incredible time of learning and pioneering with the other missionaries there building a prayer room in a foreign country! This trip was exactly what I needed in order to move forward in the vision of seeing a prayer room established in the DR Congo.


After we prayed and worshipped we would usually go to the busy market down town and pray for people, preach the gospel, and see healings! The first day we went I got to lead TWO people to the Lord! I just walked up to them and asked them if they wanted to know who Jesus was and I told them the story form creation to He is coming back! This was Prayer and Missions in action!

Nepal, Congo, & Temples

Probably the wildest God story I have though is that while I was there in Nepal I heard about a prayer room so I went to go check it out. I ended up meeting a Congolese refugee!! I literally just laughed. I ended up taking him out for coffee and then dinner and just listened to his incredible story of resilience and dependance on God. I asked him questions about the DRC and we prayed for each other. It was such a holy moment I thought, it felt like a divine set up from God, like a confirmation that what I heard back in February of 2015 was really from God. So with that story in mind as the first action step has come to a close I thank God and look on towards the next step towards establishing a Prayer Room in the DR Congo. Another amazing story was when I was able to go with one of the DTS teams and lead worship at the top of a temple in Nepal! One guy got saved, another one was healed, and we were able to give a bible to another! Worshipping in a temple was definitely a check off my bucket list! Yet another example of how God is pushing me towards this idea of releasing the sound of Heaven through the sounds of the nations!

3 Things I Learned

1. One of the many ways to pioneer a prayer room in a foreign country

2. People are really hungry to hear the message that is in the Bible we just have to share it

3. If you want to go fast go alone; If you want to go far go together