Vision: A house of prayer dedicated to training up missionaries in prayer and intercession as they are sent all over the world to share the gospel of Jesus.


 Plan of Action:

·      (Desired Goals)


May 2016: Help YWAM Nepal for 2 weeks’ close hand to establish a prayer room in Kathmandu, Nepal

·      To gain knowledge and experience in planting a prayer room in a foreign country

September - December 2016: Taking a team from Awaken to Cape Town, South Africa to help serve and strengthen the local prayer room. Along with that will be finding out the entry point for the DRC and networking with contacts as well as making new ones.

·      To Strike the ground of the continent of Africa

·      Experience African culture so I can gage my next steps on how to run a prayer room in that environment

·      Network with contacts

·      Create a point of entry into the DRC

·      See possibility of living there

April 2017: Move to Cape Town, South Africa and join as staff with YWAM Muizenberg and the serve the base while continuing to work with Rally International in the DR Congo. 

          ·      Serve YWAM Muizenberg & Rally International more effectively

3-5 Year Plan:


·      Establish a connection with Cape Town, S. Africa prayer room and YWAM base

·      Have an entry point into the DRC

·      Connect with a ministry in the DRC that is open to having a prayer room


·      Build a team of at least 7 people

·   Serve YWAM Muizenberg's vision

·      Establish presence in DRC by end of 2017

·      Commit to a ministry in DRC and serve it

·      Create a schedule for a prayer room in S.A. 


·      Run a school of prayer in September (training, doing, planting)

·      Create a campaign to get word out and invite others to come join prayer and missions in S.A./ DRC


·      Begin planning the multiplication of the Muizenberg Prayer Room into the DRC and other African countries

·      2nd round of a campaign to get people to come join prayer and missions in S.A./ DRC


·      Begin planning the multiplication of the DRC prayer room to the rest of the country

·      Send out prayer rooms to other 4 regions of the DRC