Kyrgyzstan Testimonies

So As I went back to Texas after 21 Project I went into a time of fasting and praying asking God to lead me into my next step of life. After the three day fast was over I heard God say to establish a prayer room in the Democratic Republic of Congo and YWAM would be the train that takes me there. So with that I went back out to YWAM and staffed the Awaken DTS where I led a team to the nation of Kyrgyzstan! It was not at all what I was expecting. One because it wasn’t in Africa and two I hadn’t realized how much more I needed to grow! It was an amazing three months in this nation of serving, worshipping Jesus, and seeing people’s lives transformed by the love of Jesus


Homeless Church

Whilst in Bishkek (the capital) we met up with a another YWAM team from Russia and we did a lot of homeless ministry together and so one day the homeless people wanted to do a church service with us. So in the 30 degree weather I played my guitar, we shared our testimonies, and the gospel was preached! It was an amazing time of ministering the these people in such a simple and yet powerful way!


The Dump

One of the ministries that we did was handing out homemade food, and water to the hundreds and hundreds of homeless people living at the dump. Here I was able to see the practical mercy of Jesus meet these peoples lives. Even though it was just a couple of meals a water you could see the impact it had on them! We saw a lot of people touched by this ministry!



When we were at the dump one day we met a man named Sigre and his sister. Sigre used to be a minister but after his wife left him he became an alcoholic and left the city for the dump because of depression. We sat and talked with Sigre some more and he could not believe that we came all the way from America to just sit with him. We prayed for his sisters leg to get healed and it did! The next week we went back to the dump and found out that Sigre had taken his sister and left the dump to go back to the city! two lives were transformed because of the Gospel this day!

Osh Worship Night 4 (1).jpg

3 Things I Learned


1. How to trust and fully lean on God for wisdom and direction in the little and big things of life.

2. Our “greatness” does not change people, God’s grace does. We just help provide a space for that.

3. Living out the Gospel is just as powerful as preaching it.

Sound of Heaven

While we were in this country I kept asking God why in the world He had taken me here. I thought He had said Africa! And as I was wrestling with this an opportunity arose where I was able to write and record a worship song with one of the top local Kyrgyz worship leaders! I was able to actually see what it looked like to release the sound of heaven and to do it through the sounds of the nations! The Kyrgyz style of music and instruments are a little different than what we use in America! I played my guitar and sang in English as my Kyrgyz friend sang in Kyrgyz, and Along with that while we were there we took a fourteen hour car ride through the mountains to the south of Kyrgyzstan to lead some worship nights for the church that was there! As I got up on stage with my Kyrgyz friend he tells me to make sure and keep my eye on him because he was going to give a signal if I needed to get off the stage (if the police showed up) because it was illegal for a foreigner to lead worship! No police came thank the Lord and we worshipped all night! I was so overwhelmed with the faithfulness of God that night! We sang in English, Russian, and Kyrgyz. Sound of Heaven being released through the sound of the nations!