Kona Prayer Room Testimonies


My Experience

After Kyrgyzstan I decided to join the Kona Prayer Room in order to start preparing what it looks like to build a prayer room and sustain it. It has been probably the sweetest time in my life so far. I have spent my time learning how to sit with the Father and pray, and how to take that intimacy into my everyday life. I gotten the opportunity to grow in prayer, worship leading, preach the Gospel, and tons of other stuff! God is so kind to give me this season of growth in the prayer room!



So since January I have been with the Kona Prayer Room and we have seen over 100 salvations! Wrote and recorded a live worship album (Coming soon!) Seen healings! prayed for real time situations and saw differences made! I think one of my favorite stories from being apart of the prayer room is when we held our first Jesus Burgers event. Jesus Burgers is where we grilled and gave away free burgers to the homeless of Kona on the front lawn of the first church in Hawaii. At the same time we are having worship go on and at the end of the night we preach the gospel and invite people to surrender their lives to Jesus! The response has been so amazing. I have gotten the opportunity to share the gospel twice and play one of my songs. We have seen salvations, healings, and relationships built in the community! Churches are joining in with us as well! It is such an honor to be apart of this community.