21 Project Testimonies


About a year after my DTS I went out to California for a 21 day intensive training school for worship leaders called the 21 Project. Here, I learned how to write worship songs in different settings (at a church, gathering of unbelievers, universities, etc.) I met some of the most incredible people and had some awesome opportunities to play and sing in the school. All in all there were 30 of us musicians and we wrote over 60 songs that would be tools for bringing people into hearing the gospel message in all different contexts. When I left California I wanted to move out there with the community of musicians there but God had something else in mind!

This One Thing

The first song I wrote was called “This One Thing” it was written out of Psalm 24:7 where David is telling God the only thing that he wants is to see the face of God! The words to the Chorus are, “God I need You, I can’t live without You, I want more of You!” 

3 Things I Learned

1. That the sound of Heaven is the posture of my heart

2. Collaborating with people is better than doing stuff alone

3. How to write worship songs that speak to people in different walks of life

This One Thing